32 Types of Documents That You Can Automate With APITemplate.io

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format created by Adobe Systems for representing documents in a manner that is independent of the software, hardware, or operating system used to create them. PDFs can include text, images, links, and other multimedia, and can be viewed on a wide range of devices and platforms.

There are several benefits of using PDFs in business, such as:

  1. Compatibility: PDFs can be viewed on a wide range of devices and platforms, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, making it easy to share and view documents.
  2. Preservation of formatting: PDFs maintain the formatting and layout of the original document, regardless of the device or platform used to view them. This ensures that documents look the same when shared with others as they did when they were created.
  3. Security: PDFs can be password protected, which can be useful for sensitive or confidential documents. Additionally, PDFs can be digitally signed to ensure authenticity.
  4. Non-editable: Once a PDF is created, it cannot be edited without specialized software. This makes it useful for documents that should not be modified, such as legal contracts and agreements.
  5. Ease of printing: PDFs can be easily printed, ensuring that documents look the same when printed as they do when viewed on a computer screen.
  6. Archiving: PDFs can be easily stored and retrieved, making them useful for archiving documents such as financial statements and client communications.
  7. E-signature: PDFs can be signed electronically, which can be useful for legal documents such as contracts and agreements.

These benefits demonstrate that PDFs are a versatile and powerful tool for businesses, allowing them to share, print, and preserve documents while maintaining their formatting and layout, and providing security and compliance features.

What is HTML to PDF conversion?

HTML to PDF conversion is the process of converting a webpage or HTML document into a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. This can be useful in a variety of situations where you want to preserve the formatting and layout of an HTML document. There are a few different ways to convert HTML to PDF, including:

  1. Online converters: There are a number of online services that allow you to convert HTML to PDF by simply entering a URL or uploading an HTML file. These services typically work by rendering the HTML as a webpage and then converting that webpage to a PDF.
  2. Browser extensions: Some web browsers have extensions that allow you to convert a webpage to a PDF with the click of a button. These extensions typically work by rendering the HTML as a webpage and then converting that webpage to a PDF.
  3. Programming libraries: If you’re a developer, there are several programming libraries that allow you to convert HTML to PDF using code. These libraries typically work by rendering the HTML as a webpage and then converting that webpage to a PDF. Some popular libraries are wkhtmltopdf, pdfkit, and puppeteer.
  4. Cloud-based API services: Cloud services such as APITemplate.io provides HTML to PDF conversion services, and it allows developers to convert HTML to PDF through API calls.

Once the conversion is done, the resulting PDF file will maintain the layout and formatting of the original HTML document, including text, images, and links, making it easy to share and print.

32 types of PDF documents that you can generate with APITemplate.io

APITemplate.io is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that offers cloud-based HTML to PDF conversion services.

One of the key features of APITemplate is its integration with no-code platforms such as Zapier, Make.com and Rest API. This means that users can easily connect APITemplate to other applications and services that they are already using, such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and email marketing software. This allows users to automate their HTML to PDF conversion process and streamline their workflow.

Another benefit of APITemplate is its flexibility and scalability. The service can be used to generate a wide range of different types of documents, from reports and invoices to forms and legal documents.

Additionally, the cloud-based nature of the service means that it can easily scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your document generation, APITemplate.io is a great option. With APITemplate.io, you can easily create 32 different types of documents, making your life much easier.

The followings are the types of PDF documents that can be generated with APITemplate.io

  1. Reports: It provides you with the ability to generate reports that are well-structured and formatted, such as financial reports which can help improve decision-making in your business, marketing reports which can improve efficiency, and performance reports which allow you to track performance and measure progress which in turn can increase accountability and transparency.
  2. Invoices and bills: You can easily generate automated invoices that would not only help you save time but also provide evidence of business transactions that can be used for accounting and tax purposes making the process more efficient.
  3. Forms: You can create different types of forms that can be customized to suit your business needs. Job applications, purchase orders, and timesheets are some of the forms that can be created, this can make the process of applying, making a purchase, or providing feedback much more efficient and streamlined. Imagine you had to manually do all these manually, it would be a nightmare!
  4. Legal documents: It can automate the process of creating legal documents by integrating with third-party applications such as Airtable to pull data which can help reduce the cost of creating legal documents manually and reduces the risk of errors. This is useful for businesses that need to generate a large number of legal documents regularly.
  5. Brochures and Flyers: It can be used to create brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials that are visually appealing which can reach the targeted audience faster and promotes your business in a cost-effective way.
  6. E-books: You can create e-books that can be used especially in academic and professional settings, they are less expensive than physical books, can be promoted easily across various platforms, and are eco-friendly. So, why not just generate them with APITemplate?
  7. Manuals and tutorials: APITemplate.io can be used to create training and educational materials, such as how-to guides, tutorials, information on a product, and so on which can be targeted at a wide range of audiences and can be referenced anytime.
  8. Resumes: It can be used to generate professional resumes from readily available templates saving time from manually creating them and can serve as a cost-effective alternative to hiring a professional resume writer.
  9. Catalogs and price lists: You can generate catalogs and price lists using APITemplate.io. This serves as a great way to display your company’s products making it easy for your customers to find what they need and shop at their own convenience.
  10. Newsletters: Newsletters are a great way to keep your existing and prospective customers updated with information about your products and services and APITemplate.io allows you to do that. It gives you the privilege to create newsletters in PDF formats which helps preserve the layout of the original document.
  11. Presentations: Presentations are a great way to convey your ideas and for your audience to understand what your product is all about. APITemplate.io allows you to create the perfect presentation by providing you with a range of versatile tools that suits your needs. It also saves your templates providing you with the option to reuse or clone them whenever you wish.
  12. Technical documentation: It helps you create technical documentation in a format that ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards and makes it easy to clarify complex concepts which would serve as a valuable reference to your clients.
  13. Certificates: You can create certificates using a well-structured template that suits your needs. This will not only improve the credibility and reputation of your company but also authenticate the identity of the company.
  14. Surveys and questionnaires: It helps you create or customize surveys and questionnaires using available templates in an organized format which helps you analyze results easily. It also helps you save time when it comes to creating large numbers of surveys or questionnaires.
  15. Invitations and announcements: It can be used to create invitations and announcements for conferences, or webinars that could help promote the event and the company’s product by attracting users and reaching the intended audience.
  16. Maps and floor plans: You can create maps and floor plans using a well-crafted template that would aid in visualizing the layout and make it easy for the users to navigate the plans and get oriented in a new place.
  17. Research papers: Research papers aid experts in sharing new information to educate others about a particular study. APITemplate makes it simple for you to create research papers for academic, scientific, or analytical research by offering you personalized templates that make your work more efficient.
  18. Agendas and meeting minutes: With APITemplate.io, you can swiftly create agendas and meeting minutes for your company that can help plan and prioritize tasks and activities, guarantee that time is used effectively, and most importantly serve as a future reference.
  19. Music scores: APITemplate.io can help you create music scores that provide a visual representation of the music, and can serve as copyright protection to indicate the originality and ownership of a piece of music.
  20. Business cards: You can create business cards that can serve as a networking purpose for your company or as a follow-up after an event to help maintain relationships and advance with new business prospects.
  21. Proposals: It can help your company create proposals. Depending on what you need, APITemplate.io can provide you with a proposal to pitch an idea, organize a project, develop a budget, and define deliverables and scope. This increases productivity in your company.
  22. Recipe books: It can help you create recipe books that help you organize and plan meals, makes it easy to try out new ingredients, pass on family recipes, track meals for health plans, or do anything you need. APITemplate.io has got you covered.
  23. Yearbooks: It can assist you in creating yearbooks to save memories, tell stories, honor people for their accomplishments, or even carry on a tradition by recording and preserving recollections for future generations, whichever best serves your needs.
  24. Employee handbooks: It can be used to create employee handbooks that communicate company policies and expectations to employees or increase employee performance and engagement by providing guidelines for performance management.
  25. Educational material: APITemplate.io can be used to create educational materials such as worksheets, flashcards, and quizzes that can help facilitate learning, provide information, engage students, grant access to professional resources, and so much more.
  26. Event programs: It can assist your business in creating event programs that help with event promotion, attracting attendees, giving information on the speakers, or providing maps or floor plans of the event venue that make it easier for attendees to find their way around.
  27. Flyers and posters: It can be used to create flyers and posters which help promote your company’s products and services or target specific demographics, by placing them in areas where people from that group are likely to see them.
  28. Journal/Press/Magazine articles: It can be used to create journals or magazines that can be used to evaluate and summarize existing literature on a particular topic, highlighting important discoveries for further study, or to link professionals to a network of subject-matter experts and thought leaders.
  29. Datasheets: It can be used to create datasheets that help customers compare products, provide in-depth information, aid in sales and marketing campaigns, or offer troubleshooting guidance.
  30. Infographics: It can be used to create infographics that use visual representations of data to make complex information simpler. Because they are eye-catching, they are more likely to be shared quickly and APITemplate.io offers such templates.
  31. White papers: It helps you create white papers that can be used to educate others by providing in-depth information, providing solutions to problems, outline best practices, and proven strategies.
  32. Business plans: APITemplate.io can be used to create business plans to outline goals and objectives, provide solutions to problems, and to serve as a benchmark for tracking the progress and performance of the business over time.


In conclusion, APITemplate is a powerful and convenient SaaS (Software as a Service) product that offers cloud-based HTML to PDF conversion services.

APITemplate.io integrations with no-code platforms such as Zapier, Make.com and Rest API allows users to easily connect APITemplate to other applications and services that they are already using, making it a versatile and powerful tool for businesses and individuals.

APITemplate.io can be used to generate a wide range of different types of documents, from reports and invoices to forms and legal documents, and it can easily scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

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