Make Use of Our Image Generation API to
Automate QR Code Generation

with Zapier, Integromat, N8n #Nocode or a Simple REST API

Our Image Generation API allows you to generate QR Codes

With our Image Template Editor, you can generate QR Codes from a reusable image template to create stunning image IDs, employee IDs, asset QR codes, and badges.

No code necessary

Creating custom QR Codes with style

QR codes are commonly in black and white.  You can modify and customize QR Code styles such as corner square style, dot style, custom logo, background color, foreground color, frame, margin and content via API.

It’s more than just a simple QR Code – with our image template editor, other visual elements such as labels, images, shapes, and charts can be added to your QR code design. All can be modified via API.

Generating QR codes with a simple REST API Request

With our QR Code component and image API, you can modify the properties of all visual elements to generate stunning QR Codes via a simple REST API.

Method: POST
Header: X-API-KEY: [API_KEY]

    "overrides": [
            "name": "qr_1",
            "backgroundColor": "#FFFFFF",
            "content": "",
            "color": "#FF3801"
            "name": "text_label",
            "text": "This is a label",
            "fontSize": 36,
            "textBackgroundColor": "rgba(246, 243, 243, 0)"
            "name": "text_description",
            "text": "This is a description text",
            "fontSize": 29,
            "textBackgroundColor": "rgba(246, 243, 243, 0)"



QR Code Generation with Zapier, Integromat or Airtable

Besides API integration, we also integrate with No-code platforms for you to automate QR code creation. You can generate QR codes easily with Zapier, Integromat, N8n, and UiPath. Additionally, you can generate images in bulk with our Airtable integration.

*Integration with other platforms can be achieved using the platform’s HTTP/HTTPS component.

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